Benefits of mediation


  • Agility: the processes develop more quickly towards the dispute's resolution if compared to those brought into judicial and arbitration trials; since the parts are to determine the time spent in the process;
  • Cost reduction: they are undoubtefully reduced when compared to judicial and arbitration trials;
  • Confidenciality: no information taken into account and offered during the procedures can go public, according to 30th article in Lei (act)  13.140/15;


  • Customized Deals: the parties involved in the conflict, by being protagonists in the construction of the deal, are given the opportunity to think of solutions that satisfy both parties in a win-win system.


  • Long term relations: interpersonal bonds can be preserved, making way for future profits in commercial partnerships, once confidence among those involved are restored;
  • Mutual benefits: when the conflict's resolution is obtained, through negotiation, it brings the opportunity of a win-win scenario. It means there are no losers, but cooperation in the final agreement;
  • Flexibility and informality: the mediation process doesn't have the inflexibility and the formality of a judicial trial; hence the needs and the interests of the parts involved are considered among the different stages and procedures in the mediation option. 



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